Children’s Teeth

Children’s Teeth

An adequate oral health care from the right age can save a person from a lot of trouble in the future. Keeping this in mind, we support every child’s dental needs and aim to facilitate them with all the necessary extra care. Our team is known to be quite friendly with children. We ensure that our young clients feel comfortable and are never scared of dentists again.

Regular dental check-ups here at Rye Dental will ensure that your child prevents dental decay in the future. Such check-ups at an early age allow the dentist to spot early signs of overbites, cross bites or under bites.

Apart from regular check-ups, we also offer several treatments for children with oral health problems. A child suffering from developing decay should go for our Fluoride Application treatment. By applying fluoride throughout the surface of a patient’s teeth, we mineralize and thus, protect them.

We also offer Fissure sealants procedures. These are tooth colored plastic coatings that can be applied to the biting surfaces of children’s teeth in order to prevent dental decay.

We cannot stress enough on the importance of starting dental checkups at an early age. Why wait for something serious to happen when you can take precautionary measures beforehand? Call us now to book an appointment or to get more information!

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